Do you have inferiority complex?

For every illness there is a cure. If you are conscious that you suffer from it, and if you know at least what is it, and what’s its nature. If you respect the treatment, and if you follow the steps prescribed by the specialist. Then you will be gradually cured, and certainly your malady will be overcome.

Inferiority complex is a malady, which made so many pathetic people miserable. But don’t worry, because inferiority complex can be overcome,when proper steps are taken.

The problem is that lot of people ignore they suffer from inferiority complex. Sometimes they don’t accept the fact of suffering from it. Other people don’t even know what inferiority complex means.

So, what does inferiority complex mean? And what signs indicate that you have inferiority complex?

Inferiority Complex definition

Inferiority is a feeling that is common to every individual. At some point in time, you may have felt inferior to a friend, a colleague, or even a sibling. While for you it may be a minor event that you may have overcome, there are some who develop a major inferiority complex.

According to “Cambridge Dictionary”, inferiority complex is a feeling that you are less important, intelligent, or skillful than other people.

Some of you may have been taught to recognize, accept and then overcome your limitations as you mature, but there are some who have been given a constant reminder of their limitations as a result of authoritarian parenting or peer pressure.

These may be in the form of physical appearance, cultural differences, emotional responses, and on the basis of certain abilities. It is such people who begin to reveal certain inferiority complex symptoms, as a result of such constant reminders.

Inferiority Complex symptoms

When a person has an inferiority complex, it is evident in certain of his behaviors,he develops a set of defense mechanisms that he employs whenever he feels inferior. These defense mechanisms then become the symptoms of an inferiority complex. In some cases, the symptoms may be very serious and may require professional help to overcome. These are 8 signs of an inferiority complex:

1- Social Withdrawal

Those who suffer from an inferiority complex do not consider themselves as worthy of being with others, whom they perceive as better individuals in every aspect.

2- Demeaning Others

Those with an inferiority complex feel the constant need to prove themselves better than others to boost their self-esteem. When they fail, they tend to belittle others’ efforts so that they can feel better about themselves.

3- Blaming the Universe

Any failure on part of such persons is directly blamed on external factors such as poor luck, bad company, or just their environment in general. The whole universe is responsible for their misery and their failure.

4- Sour Grapes

One of the most prominent symptoms is the ‘sour grapes’ attitude. They will never attribute the colleague’s success to personal capabilities or merit. This symptom is a way of compensating for the truth, that the colleague may indeed be better at a particular task than them.

5- Lack of Sportsmanship

In most cases, such individuals have already decided that they cannot win or compete with others, so they avoid instances where their abilities will be tested, and the subsequent disappointment they expect to experience.

6- Extreme Sensitivity

Persons who have an inferiority complex exhibit extreme sensitivity to compliments and criticism. If it is a compliment, they question its genuineness, and if it is criticism, they go on the defense immediately. They do not respond to light humor too well.

7- Seeking Attention

Those suffering from an inferiority complex are most likely to be exhibiting attention-seeking behavior around others. They also tend to resort to other attention-seeking tactics such as aggression, pretending to be ill, appearing depressed/unhappy, and the like.

8- Fear of Making Mistakes

Such persons also fear attempting something new, simply because they have a deep fear of making mistakes and being reprimanded for them.



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